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With the annual increase in Nonprofit Organizations combined with the ongoing need for financial assistance, it is our mission at Touch Charitee to do everything in our power to contribute in any way we can. As demonstrated below, it is imperative community involvement not only continue but flourish to maintain the level of service nonprofits are capable of sustaining.


As the growth of Nonprofit Organizations continues, a survey published by the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), polling nonprofits around the country, displayed some intriguing results. The survey can be found by clicking here. Three items from the survey present some interesting and telling information towards what almost inevitably can be interpreted as the need for more community involvement.

1. Demand for Services

With 85% of the nonprofits reporting that a demand for services increased, a staggering 48% of the total respondents were not able to meet the demand that is required by the cause(s) they support.​

2. Government Funding

In a related question, 79% of the nonprofit organizations (1,896 total respondents out of a possible 1,927) reported that the federal government did not pay the full cost of services provided. While, 75% of the nonprofit organizations (2,373 total respondents out of a possible 2,395) reported that the state/local government did not cover the entire cost of services provided.​

3. Financial Health

Of the nonprofits that ended the fiscal year operating with a surplus, 40% of the organizations reported a modest 1.01% – 5% operating surplus. With the nonprofits ending the fiscal year operating with a deficit, 27% of the organizations reported a 5.01% – 10% operating deficit, while 17% of the organizations reported a 10.01% – 25% operating deficit.​

In summary, with the rise in sheer numbers of charitable organizations from year to year, community contribution is vital now more than ever to the growth and development of nonprofits. We at Touch Charitee hope to make a contribution in great proportions with the help of remarkable people like you. Let’s start today and make a difference.

Check out what some of the respondents had to say when asked a few questions regarding the survey.

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