To promote awareness for and aid established and underfunded nonprofit organizations through our inspired designs tailored to each cause.


A time when all nonprofit organizations are capable of sustaining every program service they provide and wish to provide.


To ensure every nonprofit organization we assist receives the proper funding necessary to cover a specific program service vital to their growth.

Behind Our Mission

In lieu of adding to the growing number of nonprofit organizations (1.5 million and counting), raising awareness for, financially supporting, and bolstering those already in place matched our intentions for Touch. With so many incredible nonprofits today, donating our time and effort to not just one specific cause just felt right.

The Who

While we may be a small outfit, it doesn’t mean we don’t pack a huge punch. We let nothing stand in our way when we have our mind set on the task at hand.

Without the support of family and friends, Touch Charitee would be nothing more than an idea. An idea inspired by Trent, the brother of Touch Charitee’s creator.

Trent’s benevolent nature combined with his persistent desire to help others was the inspiration for Touch Charitee. With an infectious personality his selflessness is now shared by his brother. While he may not physically be here to see it through, he now carefully guides our hands and provides us the guidance we need to succeed. We all miss you Trent, immeasurably.​ Check out his story at KemoKids and join the discussion.

The What

Our mission says it all.

The When

The idea has been tossed around since 2009 and is now slowly coming to fruition. It was always there, sadly, the time just was not.

The Where

Home base is located in Pensacola, FL. There is no need to visit us if you have a question. As a matter of fact, just give us a call or send us an email. We are always available…via email.

The How

The process is simple. We design a shirt tailored to a specific cause/organization and display it on the homepage. The shirt remains on sale until the designated program service donation goal is reached. We target a program or project the nonprofit is pursuing and set an amount required to fund this service. Once we achieve our goal, the donation amount is sent directly to the organization where they will use it to fund their specific program service. All the while we are developing a new design to benefit another cause/organization to start the process all over again.

To make things even better we offer you the opportunity to enable us to print another shirt. Dubbed our Digni-tee, this additional shirt will not make it’s way home with your recent purchase but it will serve as a brand new shirt for a very deserving individual. Once we receive enough orders (around 100) we take the Digni-tee’s to a nonprofit organization in need of clothing, where they are distributed to the less fortunate. And all it costs you is $5. We make no money printing and donating these t-shirts. The only profit we gain from providing these Digni-tee’s is gratification.

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